Alia Bhatt confesses her love for dal chawal, and we’re instantly reminded of Neetu Singh saying Ranbir likes ghar ka khana

While there is time before we see Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s pair together on-screen in Brahmastra, it is their off-screen romance that is grabbing all the headlines and how! In fact, fans (including us) have already declared them the new ‘IT’ couple of Bollywood thanks to Alia’s Instagram where Ranbir’s amazing photography skills are coming to life. Not just that, the duo reel-slipped-real life jodi is even wearing the same brands and posing for cozy pictures and boy, are they doing it good! And like that wasn’t enough, there food preferences are also same! No, we are not making this up. Okay let us take you through this revelation… Remember when Neetu Kapoor, in an interview with First Post, talked about son Ranbir and said that he is a ‘dal chawal type of a person’, and that he would not appreciate a high maintenance partner? Well, guess who loves ghar ka khana as well? That’s right, Alia! It all happened when the actress was connecting with her fans with the Ask Me Anything feature on Instagram and a somebody quizzed her about her favourite food. Pat came the reply, “I’m a ghar ka khana kinda girl. Dal Chawal types.”