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Following the gangs of Mumbai
Haseena Parker’s son-in-law Zubair takes us through an expose of the underwold in his debut film He grew up in the heartland of the underworld. And for a day Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena Parker’s son-in-law Zubair Khan’s eyes became our lens into the dark and dangerous gang world. It was surreal walking down the eerie streets of Chor Bazaar and Nagpada, as Zubair shot his expose on the underworld in his debut film Lakeer Ke Fakeer. As we arrived at Chindi Galli in Chor Bazaar, we sat at a bike spare parts shop. And it was very clear to the people that crowded the streets that we were foreigners to the area. While they stared at us suspiciously, they seemed rather acclimatised to the dangerously volatile environment. Zubair then told us that it’s only because of his connections to the people and the place that he has been able to shoot at ground zero of the underworld. He explained, “Being born and raised in the Do Taki area, I have been surrounded by it all. I have seen many films based on the underworld. From Ramu’s films to others, I have utmost respect for these filmmakers. But what they have depicted is nothing compared to what I will be showing. We are shooting at the actual places where all the underworld dons have rose to their stardom in the underworld like Pakmodia Street, Arab ka Bangla, Aafia mansion, Imam Wada and other such areas. I don’t think anyone has ever been able to shoot at places that I have, as everyone here knows me. It is easier for me, as they all are my friends. In fact, Ram Gopal Varma tried to shoot his film Department but was not allowed to.” The on-location shoot, however, revealed far more of the underworld than what the dingy area suggested. Zubair revealed that his film would expose the code language that the gangs employ. Just then, the film’s lead actor, Ayaz Khan, introduced us to a 68- year old man nicknamed Aapa Chacha. Aapa lived his entire life in close quarters with some of the biggest dons in the country. And so, Zubair got Aapa to prepare Ayaz for his character Fakeer Khan, based on the dreaded gangster Samhad Khad who was infamous for his antics in Bhindi Bazaar and was killed in a police encounter. While we were still reeling from the stories that Aapa’s face alone told, we followed the crew to a small chowki. The film, which is based on three boys who are exploited by the cops, the underworld, as well as politicians, also stars Vicky Ahuja and Javed Hyder.
Thursday, September 22, 2011
Rascals hits a roadblock
Cinemax Pvt Ltd has filed a law suit against Dutt’s production partners and asked for a stay order on the release of the film slated to hit theatres on Oct 6 Sanjay Dutt’s maiden production Rascals, starring Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgn and Kangna Ranaut has run into trouble. Cinemax Pvt Ltd has filed a legal suit against Dutt’s production partners Vinay Choksey and Sanjay Ahluwalia. The suit demands a stay order on the release of the film that was slated to hit theatres on October 6. A source informed Mumbai Mirror, “Cinemax Pvt Ltd has been angry with Choksey and Ahluwalia for a while.” Confirming the story, Sunil Punjabi, CEO, Cinemax Pvt Ltd said, “Yes, this is true. The hearing on the stay order which we have demanded will be held on either Monday or Tuesday.” Explaining why they decided to file a lawsuit, Punjabi said, “Choksey and Ahluwalia had taken Rs 2 crore from our company in 2008. Their company Rupali Aum Entertainment was supposed to make a film for us with that amount. That film never got made. We want our money back.” Punjabi also informed that the stay order, if passed, would stall the film’s release not just in Mumbai but across the country. Choksey, however had a different story to tell. Admitting that he and Ahluwalia had taken Rs 2 crore from Cinemax Pvt Ltd, he said, “Look, we have been fighting a legal battle with Cinemax Pvt Ltd for over a year now. Seeing that our film with Dutt, Rascals, is releasing next month, they have simply thrown a spanner.” “The matter is under arbitration. In 2008, we had made an agreement for a film with Cinemax Pvt Ltd. We distributed the Rs 2 crore which they gave us; we hired a director, shelled out signing amounts to some actors and recorded three songs. Suddenly, Cinemax Pvt Ltd wanted to back out from the deal. They refused to shell out more money. They made us wait and gave us various reasons for the same. We had no choice but to stall the project,” added Choksey. Taken aback with the accusation by Cinemax, Choksey revealed, “There were many witnesses for our 2008 deal. I don’t want to name them and spoil their relations with Cinemax Pvt Ltd. They all know who is right and who is wrong. There is a lot of evidence in the form of mails exchanged between us and Cinemax.” Choksey finally said, “We are yet to receive the papers of the new legal suit. My lawyer will read the papers and then decide how we fight them ahead.”
Thursday, September 22, 2011
Playboy model hits Mumbai
Candice Boucher the South African model who appeared on the cover of the April 2010 issue of the Playboy magazine, is making her big Bollywood debut with Prashant Chadha's Aazaan. And romancing the babe who scorched the red carpet at Cannes, this year is the gutkha king Jagdish Joshi's son Sachiin Joshi. The actor, who was rumoured to be dating actress Urvashi Sharma earlier, was spotted on the streets of Mumbai by our photographer Sachin Haralkar with his co-star Candice on Wednesday. Riding a bike and sporting the English flag on his shirt, Sachiin posed with Candice by his side. We however, missed the semi transparent wardrobe that the model sported at Cannes.
Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Lips don’t Lie
Mahie Gill and Randeep Hooda got naughty and playful in a rocky terrain for their film Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster. But before the scene could ignite the silver screen, it got leaked on the Internet. Popular websites now have the entire shoot sequence with Randeep and Mahie biting and kissing each other lying on what looks like a shawl. Randeep's left hand is outstretched and it looks like he is holding a camera. The other hand is of course busy holding Mahie. The more than a minute long raunchy sequence perhaps was the reason for Randeep's wedding being called off by real life girlfriend Neetu Chandra.
Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Bebo is not welcome
Shahid invites his ex-flames Vidya and Priyanka to Mausam premiere but leaves Kareena out Shahid Kapoor is leaving no stone unturned for his home-production, Mausam. Shahid has personally invited everyone from Bollywood for the premiere of Mausam. Calling his ex-flames Vidya Balan and Priyanka Chopra but leaving Kareena Kapoor, the one woman with whom he had the longest relationship. A source said, "Shahid and Pankaj decided the guestlist. They personally called or texted everyone from the industry. But maybe, Shahid didn't want Kareena." This comes as a surprise because Shahid and Kareena have maintained that that they are cordial to each other and would love to work together again after Jab We Met. Shahid and Kareena had also been very warm towards each other during the Filmfare awards earlier this year. Saif was also present with Kareena. The three of them had exchanged pleasantries and spent time together. The reason for their break-up still remains a mystery since both of them have remained tight-lipped about it and moved on. Kareena began dating Saif Ali Khan immediately while shooting for Tashan. Shahid found love in Vidya Balan while shooting for Aziz Mirza's Kismet Konnection. However, once the film released, Shahid decided to move on. Soon, they stopped talking to each other. According to sources, they drifted apart because Shahid was attracted to tennis star Sania Mirza. Though, Kareena has been going strong with the Chhote Nawab, it is not the same for Shahid. The actor was seen hanging out with Priyanka Chopra soon after Vidya. Shahid and Priyanka had an on-off relationship interspersed with a lot of fights. However, they have not let their personal differences disrupt their professional lives. Shahid and Priyanka will be seen together in Kunal Kohli's next untitled film. The three girls in question were unavailable for comment.
Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Through his dad’s eyes
One a star, the other an actor, it's all in the family. Pankaj and Shahid Kapoor unwind. On the brink of the release of their first film together, Mausam, the PR machinery for Pankaj and Shahid Kapoor is in full swing. With interviews lined up and TV slots marked out, the usually reserved Pankaj and often crisp Shahid are putting their best foot forward. Shahid lives a floor above Pankaj's Versova residence, a home warmly and tastefully done up with antique furniture, stain glass door frames and family photographs. With a warm smile Supriya Pathak opens the door and seats one more in a long queue of journalists waiting for their time with the Kapurs. About 30 mintues later, Shahid walks in, hugs his father and exchanges a brief update. Almost immediately they settle down next to each other on a wooden bench, Shahid more concerned about the lighting in the room, and gear up for questions. In Pankaj, a seasoned nuanced artist, the passion and excitement for his debut venture was apparent. In Shahid, one felt a subtle resistance, probably due to a series of interviews he had been put through. Their body language however, was as relaxed and informal as could be. If it wasn't for Shahid's on-guard stance, one could almost see them lounging at home. Their first time together; is a lot riding on the venture? "I've directed TV before but this was a lot more demanding and stressful but most satisfying. I've put in about three years and Shahid has invested about two, and once the filming process began my whole family, the younger kids who were on as ADs, Supriya my wife who is acting and is also the backbone of the film, were all involved to such a degree that it became a family project," explains Pankaj. The two agreed that the comfort level of coming to the set with the family was a different experience all together, but it also required for professionalism to kick in. "The comfort level between the director and actor was there, but there was also a clear expectation of what was needed. We simply challenged each other and made sure we gave it our very best," elaborated Shahid. As for any intimidation or fear for Shahid, the anxiety of not disappointing your parent was latently present, but for an actor, there is no better opportunity than working and learning from one of the best. As and actor, Pankaj is very proud of Shahid’s learning curve and tries hard to be unprejudiced about it, "I was very surprised with his very first performance as an actor because he didn't have any sort of formal training. I saw a really young boy, who instinctively knew a lot of right things about acting. It was fortunate thing for me to see as an actor and a father. Over the years, I feel like he has matured. He understands acting a lot more, the kind of cinema he should be doing, the sort of directors he should be working with and also the sort of roles and characters he should be picking up. There's been a gradual growth, in his maturity." In spite of a rocky beginning, seeing his parents break apart at a young age of three, the father and son have come a long way in breaking through the barriers of time and age. Through the difficult years, they tried to be as much a part of each other’s lives as time permitted and as Pankaj explains, "It allowed his son to become his own man without being a reflection of his parents. This was both fortunate and unfortunate. By the time maturity kicked in and we managed to spend more time with each other, he was already a formed person and only needed a little guidance. This is when we decided to start working together a huge amount of bonding occurred between us." So does this mean they are working professionals who bounce scripts and ideas off of each other? "We don't really do that, never did actually. Only a very limited amount. But after this experience, that will definitely change," says Shahid. Shahid seems to have worked long and hard into charting his own way into the industry and in a way has achieved the recognition and fame his father should have but never could. "I didn't want to enter the industry because it was available to me. I didn't want to be a bad actor, I wanted to do this for the right reason. I went through a process of self discovery and realised that this is my passion. Pankaj proudly holds on to his son's achievement, "Every father wants to stand tall next to his son. I am very happy with where we are today."
Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Bhandarkar to revisit Aashiqui
The filmmaker has been asked by T-Series to recreate the 1990 romantic saga after he finishes Heroine This might come as a surprise for many. Madhur Bhandarkar, who is known for his hard hitting dramas has just been asked by T-Series head honcho Bhushan Kumar to remake the 1990 superhit Rahul Roy-Anu Agarwal starrer romance Aashiqui. A source informed Mumbai Mirror, "Only last week, T-Series decided that they should remake Aashiqui. Bhushan approached Madhur to direct the film. Madhur is mulling over it. It would be interesting to see how Madhur treats a romantic film. This would be a complete deviationfor him.” Added the source, "Aashiqui has lilting tunes. It would be a big challenge to recreate music of that calibre. However, knowing Bhushan and Madhur, they both shall leave no stone unturned to create the very best for their film." The two filmmakers had a very long meeting a couple of days ago. We also hear, Bhushan is so keen to start off Aashiqui 2 that he even asked Madhur to start on the project as soon as he completes Heroine with Kareena Kapoor. It would be interesting to see if Madhur chooses Fashion 2 before Aashiqui or vice versa. When contacted, Bhushan Kumar sounded surprised that we knew about the recent development in his office. He simply said, "Well now that you guys say it, I am thinking of remaking Aashiqui." Co-producer of Aashiqui Mahesh Bhatt said, “We’ve had talks with Bhushan to pick up the threads of our association which stopped in the 90s.”
Wednesday, September 21, 2011
SRK-Rohit want some action
The actor-director duo to put a hold on Angoor remake, will work together on an action packed project first Rohit 'Golmaal' Shetty got his middle name, thanks to the successful comic series he directed. It was perhaps because of his string of comic hits that a production house signed him on to recreate Gulzar's 1982 classic Angoor with Shah Rukh Khan. However, after Singham, the director seems to be more inclined towards the action genre. Shetty has now decided not to make a comedy based on Angoor, but a an action film with the King Khan. The film is expected to go on floors in May next year. A source told Mumbai Mirror, "Rohit Shetty has always harboured this wish to direct action films. His debut flick Zameen, which was an action packed project, failed to generate the expected response at the box office. He then made a comedy Golmaal. This was an instant success. Rohit followed it up with four more comedies - Golmaal Returns, Sunday, All The Best and Golmaal 3 - all of these being successes. With the spate of successful comedies Rohit got typecast as a comic filmmaker." "However, after the success of Singham this year, Rohit has now established himself as a successful action filmmaker as well. The plans of remaking Angoor with SRK in Sanjeev Kumar's role, Kareena Kapoor as the female lead and Tusshar Kapoor in Deven Varma's role has now been dropped. Rohit will now make a romantic action flick," added the source. Looks like after RA.One and Don 2, the King Khan too is in a mood for some more action. The success of the trailers of both the action capers perhaps has got the actor thinking. "SRK was keen on doing an action film. A fresh script has now been worked out. Shah Rukh has already given his dates to Rohit in May next year," confirmed the source. "Angoor script did not work out as planned. Rohit had another script, which turned out to be a much bigger film in terms of production value. Rohit narrated the idea to SRK, who loved it. Khan wanted to make this film first," said the source explaining why Angoor was put on hold. Shah Rukh Khan and Rohit Shetty remained unavailable for comments.
Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Dippy-Sallu in Farah’s next
The actress reunites with her OSO director, bags dream role Deepika Padukone seems to be getting all that she ever asked for. The actress, who in a recent interview mentioned that she would love to work with her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor, got her wish fulfilled in the form of Ayaan Mukerji's forthcoming film. The project, which was initially offered to Katrina Kaif, fell on Dippy's lap after the former refused due to date problems. And now, Deepika who has been quite vocal about her wish to work with Salman, will finally get her second wish fulfilled as well. Thanks to Farah Khan and her next directorial venture. Deepika after being launched by Farah Khan in the 2007 hit Om Shanti Om, fell out with the filmmaker. The actress had apparently developed an attitude and refused to acknowledge the filmmaker's contribution in her instant stardom. Determined to mend bridges, Dippy has been sending Farah's prawn curry to the filmmaker's home. And the seafood seems to have worked. Farah seems to have forgiven the actress' earlier conduct. In fact, Deepika will now be a part of Farah's next directorial venture opposite Salman Khan. The film will go on floors next year. Farah denied having cast anyone at the moment, but admitted that she is almost done with the script. While sources from the industry confirmed Deepika's presence in the Farah Khan venture, the actress herself chose not to reply. Deepika's business manager neither confirmed not denied the story. A source close to the actress, however said, "Deepika has it all - beauty grace talent. All she needs is that little push which would propel her into the big league. She got overnight stardom with Om Shanti Om. This she consolidated with another winning performance in Bachna Ae Haseenon. Thought outwardly she remained calm, inwardly the end of her relationship changed her attitude to love and fidelity. Deepika lost a lot of professional ground because of the relationship. But she is now determined to get back where she belongs."
Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Ayan’s film delayed by 3 months
Ranbir is still stuck with Anurag Basu’s project Barfee, will be free only in January Ayan Mukerji's much talked about next film might take some time to go on floors. The film that was supposed to go on floors this November has now been pushed to 2012. Thanks to lead actor Ranbir Kapoor's other project Barfee. An entire schedule of the Anurag Basu directorial venture starring Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Ileana D'Cruz has been delayed. A source informed us, "Ayan was all set to go on floors right after Rockstar releases. However, now he will have to wait for at least three months. Ranbir has been stuck with the shoot of Anurag Basu's Barfee. He has given the dates for Ayan's film in January.” "Barfee has been quite a difficult film to shoot. The crew had various problems as their schedule had gone haywire more than once. Priyanka also had date problems since she was shooting for Kunal Kohli's film," added the source. While Karan Johar and Ayan Mukerji chose not to reply to our query, a source close to Ranbir said, "Ayan Mukerji's film is starting way ahead of time. Ayan is still finalising the script details. Ranbir was supposed to start the film after Rockstar. So he is starting first week of January. No delay from Ranbir's end at all. At least not because of Barfee." So has the film been delayed due to Priyanka Chopra's date problems? "No, it's not true," said Barfee director Anurag Basu and added, "We started late because of her commitments, yes. But now, she is shooting with me and her dates are with Barfee only."
Tuesday, September 20, 2011
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